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What is a Clean Corridor?

A Clean Corridor is a highway on which motorists and fleets can find and purchase clean burning alternative fuels such as E-85 Ethanol and B20 Biodiesel.

The Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA) and The Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition (ACFC) applied for and received a Department of Energy (DOE) grant to install the infrastructure for six retail E-85 Ethanol and five B20 Biodiesel pumps at retail stations along I-65 as part of this multi state program.

What is the I-65 Clean Corridor Opportunity?

On October 3rd, 2006 Governor Bob Riley announced a federal grant awarded by the U. S. Department of Energy (DOE) to provide Alabama with $312,000 in funds to add six pumps for E85 ethanol fuel and five pumps for B20 biodiesel fuel along I-65.

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The federal grant is part of a project that will place 31 E85 stations along I-65 in Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky and Indiana. When complete these pumps will provide a Clean Corridor from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico.

The six areas in Alabama along I-65 targeted for E85 pumps are Huntsville/Decatur, Cullman, Birmingham, Montgomery, Evergreen/Greenville and Mobile. The same areas will be targeted for placement of B20 pumps except Mobile, where biodiesel is already available. These sites were chosen based on population, vehicle use, air quality and the number of motorists who travel through Alabama on the interstate.

The Energy, Weatherization and Technology Division of the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA) and the Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition (ACFC) will host workshops (week of September 10th, 2007) and events to recruit retailers in the chosen areas that would like to add E85 or B20 (or both) pumps. The grant funds will cover up to 50 percent of the cost for a retailer to add the infrastructure needed to offer the alternative fuel. Grants will be awarded in amounts up to $50,000 per location.

Governor Riley has pledged that by the year 2010 the majority of state owned vehicles will be flex-fuel, meaning they can run on E85 or gasoline.

In June 2007 the State Motor Pool opened their E85 fueling station to service state vehicles. The City of Hoover Municipal Police Fleet has driven over 5.4 million miles using E85 ethanol. Over 80% of Hoover's vehicles now use alternative fuels - E85 or Biodiesel. There is growing interest across the state in alternative fuels to reduce our dependence on foreign fuel, to increase economic activity in Alabama and to reduce the hazards to our environment.

Please register for the Clean Corridor Workshop nearest you and learn how you can participate.

Grant Partners

The Alabama Department of Economic & Community Affairs (Energy, Weatherization and Technology Division) and the Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition partnered with the States of Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee to apply for the Clean Corridor Grant. The State of Indiana was the lead partner and will administer the grant monies along with the Alabama Partners. The contracts for the grant funding will be with the State of Indiana.

The Indiana Office of Energy & Defense Development(OED) is the clearing house for all info on the I-65 Clean Corridor project. For updated information on the I-65 project please see their website http://www.in.gov/energy/pumpmap/I-65%20project.html in addition to ours.